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Stephen Kennedy

Leadership | Career | Personal
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When Coaching Can Help

New Job or Responsibilities?

Are you in a new job with new or additional responsibilities that require you to identify ways to improve professional performance or develop leadership qualities, or maybe simply on a quest for self improvement in those areas?


Thinking of a Career Move?

Career Move? Have you been made redundant, or simply don't find satisfaction in your current job, and considering what to do next? Have you lost your passion for your path in life or in work, and not sure how to start another?


Work/Life Balance?

Are you struggling to find the time for things that are important to you? Maybe even struggling to figure out which things are the most important? Maybe your priorities have changed, and your work no longer works for you?


Values Shaken?

Have events, time, or outside influences shaken your faith or beliefs? Maybe you are challenged to figure out what your beliefs or values are, and looking to find a solid foundation or sense of identity once more?


What is coaching?

Coaching is there to help when you are bogged down in your thoughts on a topic. A good coach will help lead you on your own journey through the issues, and help you clarify your thinking and support you in making goals to get through to the other side, and on to where you want to be in life. Where counselling deals with the past, coaching aims to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in your personal and professional life.

I am available as a coach for whatever your needs and aspirations are - I thrive on exploring a wide variety of topics and situations. Examples of the sorts of the issues clients have brought to me are:

• looking to improve their reactions to people or situations,

• looking to decide if their job / career is satisfying for them or if they should consider a change, or

• exploring what to do next in life as their priorities shift from career to Legacy.


What kind of coach am I?

As a coach, I am greatly influenced by my experience with my parents. My parents always seemed to me to be opposites - one was all rational and logic, the other very empathetic and understanding how people felt in the moment. They were the perfect parents to go to for advice to get both points of view, and more often than not they liked to challenge me to find the answer myself. This is now what I have inherited, and I nurture that ability to help reflect back to people matters of both heart and mind, as a way of helping them navigate whatever challenges they are facing.

Who Am I?

After 30 years as a geologist in the oil and gas sector of the energy industry, leading and interacting with culturally diverse teams in various parts of the globe, I came to the realisation that the parts of the job I enjoyed the most were when people had those “light bulb” moments as a result of our interactions. My greatest satisfaction from work came when someone said, “Thank you! That conversation, and being deeply listened to, made my actions / decision much clearer."


So, I decided to make that element of my job my new career. I have invested in coaching through successful completion of the highly regarded Barefoot Coaching course in Business and Personal Coaching, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am working on further developing my coaching through completion of a Post Graduate Certificate with the University of Chester, as well as other Continuous Professional Development courses throughout the year.

What I Offer

Click on the link if you would like a free Discovery session to learn more about coaching and get a taste of what working with me will be like. As well as learning about my programmes designed to help you find your direction, it will give you a chance to find out if I am the right coach for you.

Following a Discovery session we will agree what programme is best suited for you. Typically I will do 8 sessions over 3 months, but the pace and length will be determined by you, and your needs.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, to serve your needs and start opening doors to new possibilities for you.

For corporate or executive coaching, please get in touch to outline your needs and we can set up a meeting to go through the options of how I can help you achieve your goals.

ICF Member International Coaching Federation

Barefoot Coaching Trained Coach


"Stephen listened to me and concentrated with all his being to understand why my anger as a result of self-pressure created by myself to drive my work forward was such a growing problem for me."

"I am very happy with the outcome as Stephen somehow managed to get myself to work out how to overcome this. This was a far more effective procedure than telling or advising me what to do. I feel this will have a very lasting consequence."

- RJ Business owner

"Stephen is a highly empathic and talented coach. An experienced industry leader in addition to being a coach, Stephen gets to core issues quickly with insightful, incisive questions. With humor and compassion, he creates a space for the most challenging concerns to be explored safely. I highly recommend Stephen for both personal and professional coaching."

- Rachel W, United States, senior leader in health care and entrepreneur

"I was fortunate to be able to have a few coaching sessions with Stephen as he was getting going, the coaching sessions I had really helped my positivity and the way in which I look at how my working life has changed over the last couple of years. It takes time to adjust to a new way of working, and having a bit of guidance has really allowed me to see more clearly where I'm headed and to grasp opportunities as they are coming."

- Marcus B, Devon, entrepreneur


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